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tUTORIAL EDIT bombus via sonyericcson

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tUTORIAL EDIT bombus via sonyericcson

Post by msb on Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:05 pm

Materials and app use - raw files BombusMod525 - App Power GRASP - ClassEditor App - App MobyExplorer
1. Extract bombusmod - Open app GRASP power, open the archive, select BombusMod525 dg pressing No.5, options, mark all, options, extract, select the folder otherkemudian create a new folder eg folder X, the X folder select option, select current. - After finished select close and exit
2. Edit class BombusMod - Open classEditor app, select the folder and then edit go.class X, gw.class and ix.class - On go.class press No.5, No.9 and click search menu will appear - dimenu search the contents of a text column dgkata 'BombusMod' without thequotes - press menu, options / option then ok - click the sign # and the screen turns red sign BombusMod word has been found, click on the letter B No.5 on BombusMod word and then select the text - Remove and replace the word BombusMod dg Another app name example SkyCh @ t, ok and save - On gw.class and ix.class editnya exact same way a distinguished manner in go.class dg pd ix.class difference you have to change the version of the app and app URL address, so pd said http :/ / bombusmod.net.rukita change the URL address SkyCh dg @ t ie [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ok and save
3. Change the name of the app - Open app MobyExplorer, get into the folder X, choose the META-INF folder, open MANIFEST, menus, text editor, open - Edit word BombusMod in MIDlet-1: and MIDlet-Name: dg name eg SkyCh @ app km t, save, back, delete and exit manifest.mf.bak
4. Packing - Open powergrasp, choose create archive, the contents of the archive name dg namaapp km eg SkyCh @ t, the format chosen. Jar, ok - Option, add, enter the folder X, options, mark all, forward, save, difolder other select option, select current, after the close danexit - File buatanmu was ready to stay km installed
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